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Why? Because of you. Why doesn't your system do this or why does it do that? You. When you first bought your computer it was in a pristine state, nothing installed, no internet sites visited. Then you happened to it. You clicked on this and you clicked on that. Click click click. It's so easy. We all do it. Just realize that the more you use your computer, the more you install, delete, the more sites you visit, oh' the places you'll go. It's you. And what you have before you is your product. The lasting impression of all that you did since you bought your computer. There are no genes. No DNA. No RNA. But it's you, trust me. If you're timid, safe, reluctant to change things, then the result is in front of you. Of course, if you're adventurous, blundering, daring, install now, read later, someone may have to read this for you from their computer. Safe sex is abstinence based. If you don't use your computer, nothing bad can happen, right? Just remember, every click is you, and the result is before you.

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