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Vista Tip List

  1. Do Not own Vista. We cannot stress this enough. Shade your eyes. Don't succumb to O.S. envy. If your friend or neighbor has it and makes it sound inviting, they only want you to suffer as they do. If they had say, a goiter, would you want it too?

  2. If you must own it, then OWN it! DAMMIT! And make it your own, not theirs. Do this by following some of the next steps.

  3. Get rid of UAC. It's annoying! This is user account control and it's the part of Vista that asks you everything. Did you want to do this or didja want to do that! It's like a doddering relative following you around questioning your decisions. Of course I want to install something! Duh! To disable this feature do the following: Open Control Panel, type "UAC" (without the quotes) in the search box and then you will see a link titled "turn user access control (UAC) on or off". Then uncheck the box and click OK. After that shut down and restart.

  4. Make sure your printer will work with Vista. First, get the model number of your printer. Next, go to the website of the printer you own (here let me help you: Lexmark, Dell, HP, Kodak). Now, it gets tricky. Most every manufacturers website has a search box on the first page because they saw you coming. Identify the search box. It's a box where you can type in information and has a button next to it labeled "search". Enter your model number into this box and click "search" (Duh!). Hopefully, somewhere in the results there will be a clickable link to a driver for your printer. The reason we are doing this is, if you have the newest driver for your printer you have the best chance of it working correctly with Vista. What's a driver you say? Well, if your in a cab or limo, it's the person in the front seat who's sober. In computer speak, the best explanation is here. The alternate to the "search" box is look for "support" and then drivers on your printers website. Find the newest driver for your printer and install it.

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