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Windows 7 - Yes, we are testing Microsofts newest Operating System. No, you probably should not test it. Why, because you are here. If you knew what you were doing you would not come here, and if we thought you had something interesting to say why, hell we would patronize your website. Let's do a running commentary on what it takes to install, test and run a new Operating System:

  1. Find a O.S. to play with.

  2. Download an iso (an image of this O.S.).

  3. Burn it to a disk.

  4. Decide where to install it to (an old computer, because this way, you won't destroy anything you value).

  5. Realize that the data on the destination computer will be destroyed when you install a new O.S.

  6. Possibly change settings that will make your computer start from a cd/dvd.

  7. Answer questions that will seem as foreign to you as a baker asking you what ingredients you want in your bread, in Swahili.

  8. Complete the install and above all, be able to access the internet, for without the internet, you can't do much more.

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Now, what did we experience when we installed Windows 7?  First hardware. Well, we used an older computer with an older motherboard (nVidia NFII Ultra) and the NIC wasn't recognized so we had to install a different Network Interface Card. (actually, not before we tried several other usb nics that never worked)

Then, since the internet started working we installed Firefox 3.0.6.

Next, Avira's antivir was added for virus protection.

Windows update then found a driver for the Acer monitor and soon after that the nVidia GeForce video card driver was updated.

We installed Google's Chrome from Internet Explorer 8 beta browser (came with windows 7)  no problem although the quick launch icon never showed.

Then we downloaded Apple's Safari 3.525.271 web browser while using the Google Chrome web browser just for fun and it also works. Then we headed over to Safer - networking and downloaded the venerable Spybot search and destroy (to protect against spyware) using Chrome while running Avira's Antivir virus scan and installed spybot. Started running Spybot and it told us we are not the Admin and it may not immunize! Hhhhmmm.

And you may ask yourself, what is this beautiful operating system?

And you may ask yourself, where does this upgrade path go?

And you may ask yourself, why are you guy's ripping off the Talking Heads? here

And we may answer, same as it ever was, same as it ever was.

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Microsoft's Windows Home Server is being offered on a 4 month trial basis. Click here for more information.

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We have also installed gOS and find it very interesting, and very green (the default color scheme runs on the green side). gOS seems to be, in a way, Google's send up of an alternative operating system although it's treated as some what of a bastard step child. It's a form of Linux/Ubuntu which seems to thrive on Google Gadgets but apparently has no connection to Google yet, it's sister, "Cloud" (how cute) is "A browser operating system for web, email, and chat, and toggling into a different operating system such as Windows or Android". The underline is ours and we quote from their site. Android is Google's baby that they do acknowledge and seem to be proud of.

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Microsoft is now offering Windows 7 for the brave to try out (we're the brave). Click here for more info and the how to. Important: this software will stop working on August 1, 2009!!


Internet Explorer RC1 (this means "release candidate 1", which means it's almost ready, or put another way, the cake mix is still sticking to the tooth pick) is here.

ClerkDogs - A new site (it's in beta) that recommends movies based on one that you submit.

Drew's Script - o - Rama - Movie scripts, TV, etc

Pleo - Slightly unnerving, a little expensive, kind of fascinating really, it's a lifelike robotic dinosaur. Be sure to check out Robots Rule!
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