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Welcome to Jim's Computer's Linux Site. We have been experimenting with Linux at least 10 years and haven't been satisfied until Ubuntu came out. There are many varieties of Linux and many we've tried including RedHat, SuSe, BSD, Solaris and we have the disks to prove it. The real breakthrough came with the advent of "live" cd's and the first was Knoppix. Live cd's or dvd's contain an operating system that you can boot to without installing. This means you can try a different operating system (think windows here) without any risk at all to your present installation. Another way of putting it is you get to test drive a new BMW (Ubuntu, 0 miles, new car smell) then get back in your Dodge (Windows, 83,000 miles, smells like a dog) and walk off the lot to make up your own mind. If you want to be adventurous and try test driving and maybe even installing one of these fine, free (did we mention that?) operating systems, realize that you are crossing a threshold and entering an area that is definitely not the beaten path but one that you will feel like you've been on before.

One thing more to remember. Names that you will encounter often don't just roll off the tongue. The origins of many of these programs are "BGFG" = "by geeks for geeks". Hate to be mean, gotta speak the truth. No Geek, Nerd or Margin Rider ever took marketing. This is why the biggest rival to Photoshop you never heard of is called  "The Gimp" (free, but creeps us out thinking of the guy in the box from "Pulp Fiction"). This stands for "GNU Image Manipulation Program". Actually better realized as GimpShop (free). Ubuntu is really a Zulu word which translates as "humanity to others". Dig the idea and concept, but who but a Geek would know this? Welcome to our world!





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