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CPU-Z is a freeware program that tells you information about your computer. It provides data about your CPU, mainboard, memory and system.

Adware and Spyware protection software

This software is free for a individual:

Ad-Aware - From Lavasoft, an excellent tool for the removal of adware

Spybot S&D - From Safer Networking, another fine weapon in the fight to protect yourself

It is recommended that if you are not currently using both these programs, you download and install them immediately!

I'm not aware at this time of any conflicts with any major virus control software and these two products. They are not a replacement for virus protection and will not stop any virus from infecting your computer!

CWShredder - This program will help if you think your browser has been hijacked

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Antivirus, Firewall, Adware and Spyware threat protection software

I really like this program called "ccleaner" located here. It's a good program designed to primarily get rid of excess stuff left over from installing different programs. I found over 600 megabytes of excess files to get rid of on two different computers.

McAfee - Makers of fine antivirus solutions as well as other products

Symantec - Home of Norton antivirus

Zonelabs - Known for their firewall products, they have branched out into spyware and antivirus solutions. This company still offers a free version of their firewall product. Look for Zonealarm, not the pro version.

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Alternative web browsers

Internet Explorer 8 (beta) - From the 800 pound gorilla, otherwise known as Microsoft.

Chrome - From Google, you know, the other 800 pound gorilla in the room.

Firefox - Also home to Thunderbird, an email client.

Opera - From the people with the funny glasses.

Deepnet Explorer

Safari - Apples answer to surfing the internet.

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Interesting Software


Earth Alerts - A program that alerts you when things are happening on the planet Earth. The link is at the top of the page in green on the left side and say's "DOWNLOAD". If you'd like to download and install this program click on the link and choose "save to disk" or the save button, and save it to your desktop or somewhere just as convenient, then double click with the left mouse button On "Setup_EarthAlerts" and a box opens and Double click with the left mouse button on "EarthAlerts" and follow instructions.


Widgets - A product of Yahoo, this is a collection of fun, useful and time consuming software which used to be known as Konfabulator.



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Photo manipulation software

The Gimp - you need two files here, the gimp for windows and the GTK+ 2 Runtime Environment that's meant for your version of windows. Download to your desktop and run the GTK file first then the gimp.

Crucial, a memory maker has a scanner that should help anyone who wants to know what memory is installed in their computer and what options for upgrading you have. I should point out that you can use this tool and then buy memory from anywhere using their recommendations. Click here and then look for "The Crucial System Scanner".

Audacity is a free utility designed to help you record and edit sounds (this is for you, Chuck). I've used it in the past and gotten good results.

For those of you who are adventurous try clicking here for portable applications you can put on your USB thumb drive (keychain). And click here for a portable version of Sudoku.

I like a good game of Solitaire I do, especially if it's free, so click the link below

  Get it from CNET!

Very well, if you must blog (I hate even putting the word on my page, but it seems inevitable) Wordpress is probably the best place to start. You can go the free route or pay for hosting and everything you need is right on the site. Spam Karma may come in handy to, so click here for that. Good luck!

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CDNN - World News Worth Knowing

Chinese Movie Database

Ken Rockwell - Your camera doesn't matter

Luminous Landscape - Your camera does matter

Linux Photography


Thom Hogan - A Nikon guy

Bjorn Rorslett - A nother Nikon guy


Time to Think

LA Shooters

Scuba Diver Record dive depths

Andrea Doria - Yeah, that wreck

1x Pictures

Space Exploration Engineering Corporation

Very Short List

X - Setup

WildBit Sofware

Earthshots is a newer site that let's people submit their photos for a picture of the day type of thing. Some of these pictures are breathtaking.

Woot is an interesting site and I think at the very least you should click on it just to see what a woot is.

Link to YouTube Lion, Water Buffalo and Crocodile video. a bit long but worth it.

When you get a chance go to wikipedia and spend some time. If you're like us, you may be there awhile.

If you are looking for the best prices for gas, use GasBuddy

Chilling effects - Okay, we want Linus's blanket

Complaints - We have a few

Groklaw - We don't know how to adequately describe this site, but visit you must.

Here's a link from cnet that shows you a step by step video on how to hook your computer up to your TV. Speaking of TV, the last analog TV signals will be sent on February 17, 2009. Before that date, you might want to rethink your strategy. If you're using cable or the dish satellite system (these things are digital), you have nothing to fear but fear itself (I guess I mean the monthly bill). If you're using a rooftop antenna or "rabbit ears" (complete with tin foil) (these things are analog) then it's gonna cost you. At the least, you'll need "digital rabbit ears" .

Links that are helpful:


 Consumer Electronics Retailers Coalition - the government's website trying to help make the transition. It has a countdown and everything and weirdly, it looks kind of, well, ANALOG.

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Search Engines

Altavista      Google         Yahoo         Metacrawler       Dogpile

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Online Photo Storage

Free sites:

esnips       Flickr    Zorpia     Photobucket

Pay sites:

Smugmug - An extremely good site to host your photographs and sell them if you want to be that involved. As a matter of full disclosure, Pikshures is one our sites on Smugmug and pikshures2 is the other and we fully support them. If you find that you are interested in joining the Smugmug community, by using this code (BKoDisSAKdWlY), you will receive 5$ off of your cost and I will receive 10$.

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Must Have Software

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