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 Broadband Speed test - This test has been provided by AuditMyPC. I've used a number of different tests over the years but this has to be the easiest ever.

Smugmug - An extremely good site to host your photographs and sell them if you want to be that involved. As a matter of full disclosure, Pikshures is our site on Smugmug and we fully support them. If you find that you are interested in joining the Smugmug community, by using this code (BKoDisSAKdWlY), you will receive 5$ off of your cost and I will receive 10$.

Having fun with Windows

Have you ever wanted to sort of "take a snapshot" of whatever happens to be on your computer screen but didn't know how? If your answer is yes, then this article is for you.

Online Photo sites - A continuing review of sites on the Internet where you can store, share and often print and possibly sell your pictures.

                                Interesting tidbit: If you are using Windows Vista, it has built in support for RAW files. After you download he pictures to your computer, they should be viewable and without any user intervention. For a definition of what a RAW file is and how it differs from a JPEG click here.

Safe Surfing

Before you click on a link while your browsing web pages, pause for a second to make sure you want to take that action. I usually hover over the link and look at the status bar to make sure of what I'm clicking on. The status bar is located on the bottom of Internet Explorer ...

On Switching Internet Providers

These are some issues that you want to get straight. An internet provider gives you the means to get on the internet. This is the basic service by which you access the information available on the internet or world wide web (WWW), which nowadays are terms which ....

Archiving or copying old videos

I hear from a lot of people that they want an easy way to archive, copy or duplicate their old videos from camcorder tapes or VHS tapes they made in order to keep with the current format. This is a great idea, because as we move forward with different ...

Quick Tip - When using the address bar In Internet Explorer or Firefox, instead of typing in "http://www.jimzcom.com" or "http://www.ford.com" , you can just type in "ford" and then hold the Ctrl key and push enter and all the other information is filled in for you.



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