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Consumer level computers:

Desktop - This is a tower which lays sideways on your desktop (DUH!)

Laptop - This is a portable computer that sits on your lap (DUH!)

Netbook - A new term, a smaller laptop that's designed more for internet access than anything else, hence net (DUH!)

Notebook - A tricky way to say "Laptop" (did you feel the DUH coming?)

Tower - This is a desktop that stands vertically up from the floor like a "tower". Small DUH!

MTP - Media Transfer Protocol

PEBCAK - Problem exists between chair and keyboard. This term is used with increasing frequency by ISP technicians. Sometimes to describe the home user and most times to describe the other technicians since it usually takes 3 calls to get a problem solved. For a illustrated definition of this term, in case you don't do well with you know, words, click here.

USB - Universal Serial Bus


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