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In a perfect world, nothing bad happens, ever. Unfortunately, we don't exist in a perfect world and a perfect world may not exist. Hate to get all existential on you, but it is what it is. Now, since we know there's bad people out there wanting to do bad things to us, let's stop being philosophical and try to stop them, huh. First off, don't use any program that's on this page. Second, visit the and use those programs instead.

You know that part in "My Cousin Vinny" when Marisa Tomei say's" Imagine you're a deer.  You're prancing along. You get thirsty. You spot a little brook. You put your little deer lips down to the cool, clear water - BAM!!"  You know the rest. Well, you're the deer. We cannot be more clear. If a program is listed here do not use it. Period.

                                                                            click here for video: Scene described above from "My Cousin Vinny"

Clean Up Antivirus - A recent problem

Personal Antivirus - A perfect example of scareware! And very hard to remove!

Antivirus 2009 - This link is for removal instructions.

Clean PCTool - We think it's linked to Safe PCTool, listed below.

freeze.com - Falling leaves screensaver. It's free. And bad.

Frostwire - it's in da fambly. Of Limewire. All or most of the features of Limewire Pro for free.

instafinder - Would you use something called rastafinder to look for music?

Kazaa - If you must share files, use something else.

Limewire - P2P file sharing software. If you like free things, you'll love it. Just remember, viruses and spyware and malware are free too! There are two problems associated with limewire or any other file sharing program. One, that you may accidentally share files (information) you never meant to share. Two, you may download viruses, pornography or something else you never intended to download in the first place. For much more information on limewire, see below:

    Roos, Dave.  "How LimeWire Works."  25 January 2008.  HowStuffWorks.com. http://communication.howstuffworks.com/limewire.htm  02 May 2008.

move networks media player - listed on a government database as bad

need 2 find bar - There are only 2 safe search bars. Yahoo and Google. Period. If you must have one, choose between those 2. If you feel otherwise click here.

Registry Cleaner XP - Bad news. It sounds like it's going to help. However, since it's not on the , Kiss it off!

reschanger 2004 - The res part stands for "resolution". Changer stands for "changer".  Right click on any clear area of your desktop, left click on properties, left click on the settings tab at the top on the right, in the lower left it say's "screen resolution". If you click and hold it on the slider and then slide it to the left where it say's "less" or to the right where it say's "more" you will change your resolution. I call this the resolution solution.

Safe PCTool - One of the bad guys. I know, I know. Your sister or brother in law recommended it and he or she knows all about computers. Well, BULL!!!! If you see it listed  here, it is bad, real bad. If we're not sure, we won't list it folks. Safe PCTools masquerades as a good program that's going to help but it won't, it will cause problems. Didja ever think of that? Well, didja? didja? Didn't think so.

Seekmo - seekmo trouble. And we don't mean Larry, Curly and Mo either.

SpyHunter - Bad! Spybot doesn't like them and neither do We. Until someone disputes the veracity of this statement, This is staying on the list!

Spykiller - Bad! Spybot doesn't like them and neither do We. Until someone disputes the veracity of this statement, This is staying on the list!

utorrent - probably not so bad if you know how to use it.

Viewpoint Media Player - Installed as part of AIM, AOL and other software. The software itself may not be bad, but it has vulnerabilities. So, get rid of it.

Virus Burster - Really! Virus Burster? Who's the brain trust that came up with that? Let's market this. "We will burst any virus! Trust Us!". "Virus Burster, like a blown out tire, we will treat those viruses today!". This is Superbowl ready. I can imagine Arnold going " I'll be back to burst your virus". Right.

Virus Heat - this should be filed under tick because it's that hard to remove. In order to get rid of it, you should be comfortable editing the registry of your computer.

Microsoft Section - only here because of dislike - we fear bloated unusable programs

Vista - Up there with Windows ME, This operating system sucks. In Microsoft's defense, they are working on it. They are also working on the next O.S. due out in 2010. Why so soon you ask? The first line answers that question.

Office 2007 - Bloated. Like a dead cow on a beach. Not a pretty picture by any means, but neither is this software. Use OpenOffice instead. Tell your friends, they'll love you for it. Of course it's on the the only software we approve of.

For the record, we are not anti Microsoft noobs. We just like good software and don't like bad software and seem to know the difference. Right now I'm using XP and writing this on FrontPage, both Microsoft products and paid for I might add.

By the way, there are not any links to any of the programs listed above for a good reason. We don't want to link to them so there's no chance of you clicking on them and blaming us. We don't like them, we don't use them, we don't trust them and neither should you. If you are having problems, go to the , Now!

If you dispute our choices, drop us an email and tell us why and if you're right and we're wrong, we'll put it up and own up. Also, if we're missing a program that's giving you problems, send us some info and if we agree we'll put it up and give credit to you.

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