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Fun With Thumb Drives

One of the best ways to have fun with flash drives is to install programs on them. A lot of people are caught completely by surprise as to the veracity of this statement. Let me restate and expand on this subject. You can install various programs onto your thumb drive and run them from that drive, and that drive does not have to be plugged into your computer. One of the best examples is Portable Firefox, a web browser that lets you surf from anywhere, anytime on any computer without leaving any changes to the host computer. This means you can go to Grandma's house or Aunty Ems or Cousin Vinnys and bring your favorites and bookmarks in your pockets or purses (including man purses) and use their computer as if it was yours, leave and nothing has changed on the host computer.

In addition, if your starting to get the point, by installing PortableApps, you can bring your pictures and resumes and other documents with you wherever you go and edit them and email them and chat about them to your hearts content and then leave without any trace of them being left behind.

One more point, many times, certain computers have access to the Internet blocked for different reasons. In many of these cases, Portable Firefox installed on a thumb drive, in a emergency, can get around this problem (do I really have to print the words "hint, hint, wink, wink, here?).

Portable Firefox

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