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Sometimes called "cloud storage", online storage means you can access what you store from anywhere, anytime. Got that song you want to share or a batch of pikshures and you don't want to or can't send them with email? Try this on for size.

ADrive - 50GB free!

Dropbox - 2GB free! Download and install software.

Fileqube - File sizes up to 150MB x 5 files, free, no registration(you get a download link and a deletion link)! 2GB free with more features if you join.

IDrive - 2GB free!

Mozy - 2GB free! You have to download and install software and choose files to backup. Unlimited for $4.95

Skydrive from Microsoft - 25GB free!

XDrive - XDrive would be on this list, but they are closed. Don't know why.


Gladinet - Gladinet can help integrate your online storage right on your desktop.


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