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We recently asked Sandisk about the best way to format compact flash cards and this was the response:

Hello Jim,

Thank you for contacting SanDisk Technical support. It is our goal to make sure that you have all the resources you need to make the most out of your product.

It is safe to format your card using FAT16 but I recommend you to use FAT32 because it is better specially for new products.

Please give us more details regarding the issue that you are having with your device. This will help us provide you with the appropriate troubleshooting specific to the issue you are encountering.

We need to properly register your device to track your case history faster, please provide the following information.

- Part number (please take note of all the numbers that you can find on the device)
- Place of purchase
- Date of purchase
- Phone number
- Where are you located? (Country)

We also need to know the specifications of your computer to make sure that you are meeting the requirements needed.

- Brand and model of your computer
- Operating System

- Desktop or Laptop

You can easily find answers to your Technical Support and Customer Service questions for all of SanDisk's products by visiting our new online key word searchable Knowledgebase at <a href="http://kb.sandisk.com">http://kb.sandisk.com.</a> Simply enter your search terms and our Knowledgebase will search an extensive database of commonly asked questions as well as our on-line forums at <a href="http://www.sandisk.com/forums">http://www.sandisk.com/forums</a> to provide you with the most complete answer possible.

Should you have any other concern with our products, feel free to reply to this email.

Best regards,
Roxanne C.
SanDisk Technical Support

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