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  1. What is The Great Pacific Garbage patch ?

  2. How do I dispose of used batteries?

  3. What are some good birding sites?


What is The Great Pacific Garbage patch ?

A huge expanse of plastic garbage located between Hawaii and California. It's about twice the size of Texas and growing. Here are some links to better explain it.

B-E-A-C-H.org - link

How Stuff Works - link

Greenpeace - link

Mindfully.org - link

Wikipeadia.org - link

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How do I dispose of used batteries?

An excellent and complicated question. Duracell say's just pitch 'em (my words, not theirs). Basically, you need to figure out what type of battery it is and then decide what to do with it. Here are some links that may help you. Link1. Link2.

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Environment, Health and Safety Online

Neil Young - Besides being a great musician, Mr. Young is also an enviromentalist and involved in the LincVolt project.

What are some good birding sites?

American Birding Association -
BirdsPix -
Ohio Birds
Rarebird forum
What Bird - We like this site alot.

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