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Operating Systems
Primary Use

This represents the room you have to work with. Think of a one lane driveway and a two lane driveway. With the two lane driveway, if someone comes over (you open a new program) they just pull in. With a one lane driveway, when someone comes to visit (you know, the new program) you have to rearrange things. In the Windows world, you need room for your car(Windows Vista or XP) and more room if someone comes over (another "car" or program, like MS word, and MS word is like a Hummer). The bigger the car/program, the more room/RAM you need.

Available Operating Systems:

Windows 7: ??? We are currently using the beta version with 1.5 Gigabytes of ram and it's so - so. Also it won't be available until the end of 2009(Christmas. That's what we like to call "marketing").

Windows Vista: 2 to 4 Gigabytes! When we say "Vista", you say "No!". One of Microsofts bigger mistakes.

Windows XP: 512 Megabytes minimum! When we say "XP", you say "Yo!". BTW, in the vernacular of today, "Yo" is good and "No!" is bad!

Mac OS X Leopard: Okay, if the primary reason that you buy shirts with pockets on them is to help you figure out if its on backwards (even the ones with buttons), then go Mac! (Who knew there would be a drawback with tag less shirts)?  Put another way, does a sweatshirt with a drawstring confuse you? Is a butter knife your favorite screwdriver? If you picture the engine of your car, does it resemble a squirrel? If you answered yes to these questions, then hop into your Rabbit, make sure it's insured by a Gecko, go to Apple and buy a Leopard. (Again, this is marketing). And in case you are wondering, we love IPods but hate ITunes!

True story: I once asked a Apple rep about viruses on a Mac. He told me it doesn't happen. Then I asked if they sell anti virus software for Macs and he showed several different products. I guess I'm a trouble maker.

Consumer level computer definitions:

Desktop - This is a tower which lays sideways on your desktop (DUH!)

Laptop - This is a portable computer that sits on your lap (DUH!)

Netbook - A new term, a smaller laptop that's designed more for internet access than anything else, hence net (DUH!)

Notebook - A tricky way to say "Laptop" (did you feel the DUH coming?)

Tower - This is a desktop that stands vertically up from the floor like a "tower". Small DUH!

There is no difference between a desktop and a tower computer other than the way that they sit. There is a difference between netbooks and laptops/notebooks. Generally, netbooks can be a little cheaper so they seem more attractive. They lack a optical drive(cd/dvd) but the battery usually lasts longer. Small enough to possibly fit into a purse and sometimes they run less hot.

Primary Use:
It's important to determine the way you're going to use your computer.

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