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A common question lately is "what does _ _ _ _ _ mean?". Just fill in the blank with your favorite alphabet and you are good. 720p, HDMI, VGA, what's it all mean? For some people, it's indecipherable letters and numbers and for others its just another personalized license plate, also indecipherable! Here in the computer world, we like to call them acronyms. Here's what some of them mean:

1080p - The best signal, for now.

1080i - About the same as 720p.

720p - About the same as 1080i.


Blu-ray - Better than DVD. Costs more too!

HDMI - How you get blu-ray into your TV.

NTSC - What the TV broadcast(channel 3) is, without the new digital signal(channel 3.1).

VGA - The most common way to hook your computer to a monitor.

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