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When we update windows xp, we click start>all programs>windows update(at the top). Here you have 2 options. The express or custom buttons. We like custom because we have more control. Here you can pick and choose the updates that you approve of or feel safe with. On the left side you will see: high priority, software(optional), and hardware(optional). Now, it's important to realize that once in a while something may go wrong with an update, but that there is a recovery method. Recently, we have had 2 such instances, one, updating to Internet Explorer 8 and two, updating a driver for the sound system.

Updating Internet Explorer:

Everything went great, until we went to upload pictures we had taken of a Great Blue Heron to our Smugmug website, Pikshures. Well, short story is that all the old ways of uploading our pictures failed because we went to I.E. 8. Long story is we have more than 1 computer so it's not an issue. But it could be. Fortunately, when viewing the updates for your computer, there is a check box and next to that there is a plus sign. If you click on the plus sign, You are given an important option, "don't show this update again" with a check box right next to it. You will be reminded that there are updates you've chosen to ignore, so in the future you can always update whatever it is you chose to omit.

Updating a driver:

Okay, this was listed in the hardware section and since Microsoft offered it, we thought, okay. Well, duh! After the "update" everything seemed okay, there were no warnings or other messages. Then we were on Lastfm, trying to listen to "Bad Company" and, NOTHING! SILENCE! So, we went to pandora, tried playing music and, SILENCE! I KILL YOU! (actually just a plug for Jeff Dunham and Achmed). So, no sound, what's the problem? It was the sound driver update and we had to roll back the driver and then stop the driver from being updated again via the method above.


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